Ian Piper

Intensive Care Monitoring Healthcare Scientist,
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

BrainIT Group Coordinator

Dr Ian Piper is a Principal Health Care Scientist in the Department of Clinical Physics and Bioengineering at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde responsible for intensive care monitoring services. His undergraduate training is in Physiology and Electronics with postgraduate training in Clinical Neuroscience. Dr Piper's principal research focus is on the development and validation of clinical monitoring methods useful in the study and treatment of patients with traumatic brain injury. He is co-founder and coordinator of the BrainIT Group (www.brainit.org), a European, multi-centre collaborative network for research into the development of new monitoring and management technology for tracking and improving patient care.

Improving Decision Support for Treating Arterial Hypotension in Adult Patients During their Management in Intensive Care

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