Anthony Stell

Clinical Software Developer and Analyst,
The University of Melbourne

PhD Student,
School of Medicine, University of Glasgow

Mr Anthony Stell is a clinical software developer and analyst that specialises in providing data registry applications for various clinical communities. His particular areas of research interest are where the information and data supporting the progress of medical science require greater work and understanding, such as adrenal cancer (due to the rarity of the condition) or brain injury and spinal trauma (due to the medical complexity of those conditions).

“As the digital age progresses, clinical and health technologies have matured from data capture onto a next generation of analysis, understanding and application. Research into clinical informatics now provides as much, if not greater, medical scientific progress as traditional research into medical drugs and interventions.”

Anthony’s PhD thesis investigates the data and information supporting guidelines in the domain of traumatic brain injury (TBI). By extracting treatment processes, comparing these with each other, and with the officially published guidelines by the Brain Trauma Foundation, the work attempts to provide an automated measure of guideline adherence that can then be used as a platform for better understanding results of studies and trials in the area.

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